Health as a Habit is a 12-week, habit-forming program that is designed to help you make sustainable changes towards living a healthier lifestyle. This program isn’t about quick fixes or fads; it is about providing the building blocks needed to make changes that will last. Through weekly one-on-one support and coaching, you will be supported in making small, manageable changes that transform your life into one that is healthier and better balanced.

How it works:

Initial Consultation

1-hour initial consultation to go over where you are starting from, your challenges, and what your end goals are. From that point, your program is customized to focus on taking steps towards your goals and achieving a change that you can sustain while balancing everything else in life.

Weekly Check-in & Goal Setting

Each week you will have a scheduled weekly check-in to discuss your past week’s successes and challenges, goal progress, tactics to help you keep advancing, and your next steps forward. These meetings are an opportunity to receive positive support and guidance and to help with where you are at.

Keep Moving Forward

At the end of your 12 weeks, you will be in a healthier place and off to a solid start for not a quick fix, but lasting change. From this point all there is left to do is keep taking those same manageable steps forward and building on your foundation. If you are interested in stepping it up, even more, you will be able to sign up for any of my other fitness and nutrition consulting services at 20% off to keep working towards any new health goals.

Cost: $499.00

Payments may be made in two installments of $250

Not ready to commit to the full 12 weeks? That’s okay! Health as a Habit is also available in smaller packages:

6 Weeks: $299.00

4 Weeks: 179.00

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Is this program right for me?
Are you looking to make a sustainable change in your health and lifestyle? Have you struggled to maintain the results you’ve achieved from different diet and exercise programs? Does making a lifestyle change feel overwhelming? If any of these things sound familiar, this program is for you. Health as a habit is designed to teach you how to make sustainable, realistic changes in your lifestyle that lead to an overall healthier life, one step at a time.

What can I expect on a weekly basis?
Each weekly check-in is 100% customized to you! This could mean we spend our appointment talking about nutrition and planning a small dietary change to work on for the next week. We might also go through a simple 30-minute exercise routine that you can take home and repeat on your own. Your needs will determine what goals we set. We will also look at the successes and struggles that you experienced with each week’s goal, and discuss strategies to work through any struggles in the next week.

Is there flexibility to fit in weekly check-ins around my busy schedule?
Each weekly check-in will take 15 – 30 minutes out of your day, and we can schedule an in-person or phone meetings depending on your availability. Your noon hour lunch break is more than enough time to fit in your check-in!