Seasonal Reset

The leaves are falling, the air is cooling off, and as much as I hate to admit it, winter is coming (or if you look outside this week, it feels like it’s already here). I like to think of the change in season as mother nature preparing to reset. In Read more…

Supporting your health while enjoying the summer

It has been gorgeous out the last few days, and overall I’d say we’ve had a beautiful summer so far!

I find that in the summertime, we tend to indulge a bit more regularly than during the rest of the year. The patios are open, we have camping trips, backyard barbeques, vacations, weddings, and a whole list of other reasons to go out for a couple of drinks with good friends.

I have always been of the belief that enjoying food, and the experiences surrounding food, is almost as important as making healthy food choices, and I constantly preach that food should be a source of pleasure, not a source of stress. However, I realize that I’ve failed to mention, there are instances when although what we are consuming brings us pleasure, sometimes it can be a cause of PHYSICAL stress, without us even knowing!


Are you eating enough for summer?

If you’ve been following my activities over the past few weeks, you may know that I’ve committed to biking to work during these warmer months. As I’ve been cycling each day, in addition to my normal activities, including running, my regular workouts, and just being on my feet most of the day, I’ve been finding myself feeling incredibly hungry.

I always say that the body is incredible, it’s intuitive and it knows what is best for us, and me feeling super hungry was a big reminder that my body needs more food to keep up with my increased level of activity, and I wasn’t eating enough. I wanted to share this insight, because if it’s something that could slip my mind, as a fitness and nutrition professional, then it might just be happening to others. (more…)