Happy New Year!
Over the last few days, I have been thinking a lot about New Year’s resolutions and I’ve decided something, I’m not making any! This isn’t to say that I think that New Year’s resolutions are a bad thing, setting goals, and working towards achieving them is wonderful; but when it comes to New Years resolutions, I think we often put too much pressure on ourselves to do a complete 180 because the calendar happened to roll over. That’s why this year, instead of setting resolutions, I’m going to be setting intentions.

Setting Intentions - BalanceWhat do I mean by that, you ask?

You often hear yoga instructors talk about setting an intention for your practice, but setting intentions are not limited to what you do on the yoga mat. Intentions are different from goals in that they are less tangible and aren’t something with which you can attach a value or expectation. They are ideas of how you want to live your life, a purpose or attitude that you wish to commit to.  Instead of saying “I’m going to diet and exercise” your intention might be “practice loving my body and myself”.

I thought about setting goals for 2018 like, grow my business by X%, workout four times per week, learn to cook a new meal every month, etc. And although I believe all of these goals have value and I would like to accomplish them, I have chosen not to allow my success in 2018 to be defined by my achievement of specific tasks.

Instead, my intentions for the year are:

  • Strive for balance: this can be work/life balance, balance in my diet and exercise routine, balance in my relationships, whatever resonates with me
  • Let go of negativity: this is everything from striving to be less judgemental of myself and others, embracing positive thinking, or even possibly to letting go of negative relationships
  • Embrace change and continue to grow: again, this could mean in business, personal growth, change in relationships, etc.

The beautiful thing about setting intentions vs resolutions, is that they can evolve depending on what you are feeling, and you can reflect back on your intentions and see how they apply to whatever situation you may be facing.

There are plenty of goals I would like to achieve this year, and in my life, and I will continue to set and work toward them, but I will do so in my own time.

For a great read about setting intentions, check out: https://mindfulminutes.com/intention-setting-101/

Setting Intentions - Letting go of negativity


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