New! Health as a Habit

I started Work of A.R.T. Fitness almost three years ago with a specific vision in mind, to teach people how to live their healthiest, happiest life. Health is about so much more than simply diet and exercise; it’s about living a balanced lifestyle that, of course, includes exercise and eating well, but more importantly, is fulfilling and enjoyable! Diet and exercise should compliment your life, not control it, and the best way to achieve this balance is to take the time to learn what works for you. I  believe that achieving and maintaining optimal health and wellness is a gradual process, and sustainable change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s this belief that inspired me to create my new program, Health as a Habit.

Health as a Habit is a 12-week, habit-forming program that is designed to help you set and achieve realistic goals that will contribute to your healthy life, long-term! Other programs that ask you to do a total overhaul of your diet and lifestyle overnight can be exciting and can definitely deliver results, but the problem with these programs is that once your ‘challenge’ is complete, you’re often left with no guidance as to how to maintain a healthy lifestyle. On top of that, restrictive programs can leave you feeling deprived and can foster an unhealthy relationship with food and exercise. Both of these problems can lead to a major rebound and excess weight gain after the fact. (more…)