Feel better, live better.

Health and wellness is a way of life, and enjoying the process and finding your personal balance is key. We can help you feel better and see your body for how truly amazing it is.


We work to personalize all services to your lifestyle and needs. This means there is no gym burn-out or dreading a workout, all plans and services are catered for you, so that you have that fine tuned balance to achieve your goals.


Work of ART Fitness prides itself in providing high quality services. You're not one in a crowd, you're #1 and you deserve the best! We provide stellar services and are proud of our long record of happy clients.


One size does not fit all, and neither does one exercise or nutrition plan. We work alongside you to find what works for your body. There are no fad diets or crash courses here, just good old fashioned personalized service.

Meet our founder, Andrea Troughton.

Diploma with Honors: NAIT Personal Fitness Trainer

CSEP – Certified Personal Trainer

NASM – Corrective Exercise Specialist

Exercise is Medicine Level 1

CSNN – Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant

First Aid and CPR with AED

What our clients are saying

Brian R.

Brian R.

“Over the past 2 years, Andrea has shown the patience and expertise to design a work out strategy that meets my ability and goals. As a middle aged man, I was not looking to become a star athlete but rather looking to become stronger and healthier to offset my daily routine of sitting behind a desk. [...] Whether you are like me or have aspirations of excelling in athletics, I would recommend Andrea any day of the week.”

Dana D.

Dana D.

“Andrea is very knowledgeable about fitness and training. She is more than willing to answer any questions that I have and makes sure that I understand each exercise that we do. Our sessions always seem to fly by and leave me feeling strong. Training with Andrea is challenging and fun. She is a great motivator and resource for anyone who wants to reach new fitness goals!”

Steven C.

Steven C.

"Andrea is always patient and responsive but still knows how to motivate me. I don't love going to the gym but she has made it a positive thing in my life. I work a desk job and it was a big transition into the fitness world but it has been so much easier this time with her help. I recommend everyone looking for a trainer to check her out!"